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Bar Palm Springs, A New Place to Mix and Mingle

By Shauna Holmes
A new spot to party just opened up in downtown Palm Springs, serving up late night cocktails and top
notch DJ’s. The 21 & over crowd goes nuts every time something new surfaces on the Palm Canyon
strip, and the newbie on the block is called, Bar. Simple and straight to the point yes, I get it. However,
may I admit my skepticism? It seems that every new addition to Desert nightlife turns out to be a big
letdown, with it staying open a year or two before burning down, or getting man handd by the city.
None.theless, I find myself parked on the corner of Amado and Palm Canyon Drive this weekend, trying
to decipher its location on my Android phone. Wait—there it is! The outside of the building is painted a
cool charcoal grey, basic yet slick. I almost felt like I was entering an uber swank L.A. nightclub. There is
an inkling of familiarity that I can’t quite put my finger on . . .
Saturday night packed promise with the kickoff of “Social” a monthly event going down every 3rd 
Saturday , featuring the boomtastic musical rhythms of resident DJ’s Aimlo and Pawn. The bar was
ridiculously crowded and I was not in the mood to fight for a drink. Maneuvering through a tight row of
chairs, I make it to the opposite side of the room and get cozy with the rising pulse of the DJ’s. A red lit,
wooden backdrop gives the DJ setup a smoldering glow. Screws from the lit wooden panel have worked
their way loose and it is gapping from the wall. (Sorry, I notice the little things). Overall the lay out and
flow of the space seem a bit odd. The bathrooms are smack in plain view with a line spilling over onto
the dance floor and-- OH! Now I remember why this place looks so familiar. This used to be the old JD’s
Landing! Everyone was so bummed when that place closed down.
Bar is hitting a sweet spot with their choice in entertainment. Aimlo and Pawn were on point with
electrifying, bass heavy, booty bumpin’ sets. One second we were lost in Sheila E’s Glamorous Life, and
then got our swerve on with Kanye and 2Chainz. At last, none of those repetitive top 40 mash ups or hip-
hop jams watered down with techno. The crowd was enjoying the vibe, the mix of people young and
old: two parts sexy and quirky, garnished with one hippy chick in a beaded tie dye shirt.
I do however feel like the place is missing something. A little personality, character. . . charm. I can’t
give it a proper assessment just yet. I should come back for a bite to eat during the day, perhaps enjoy a
unique beer cocktail. (Note to self: must try the Valentine with raspberries, tequila, lime and beer).
Armed with a super affordable menu (nothing is over $10) and great music, any place that can bring out
the young hipsters is a winner. Only time will tell if Bar can become more than its name has to offer.
Bar is located at 340 N Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA. www.barwastaken.com

The Ghost of Erawan Gardens

By Denise Ortuno Neil

In celebration of the Halloween season, I recently put a call out to the local community to send me their ghostly tales that they have experienced here in the Coachella Valley. So to help inspire you to send me your stories, I will share one of mine.


There is no doubt that the desert landscape is blanketed with glorious beauty, but it also possesses a depth of alluring mystery as well. Honestly, with the amount of history that has taken place here, and the millions of people who have traversed through it of the years, the possibility of there being indelible footprints left behind is certain.

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