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Enchanting Salton Sea Exhibit

By Denise Ortuno Neil

The Mysterious Enchanting Salton Sea Exhibit will be featured at the La Quinta Museum June 2013 through September 21, 2013. The exhibit will highlight the facinating past of the Salton Sea including photography by Christina Lange, who has chronicled stories of the people who live there in her new book, Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea.

The exhibit is educational, giving the public a glimpse of the Salton Sea's peak as a tourist attraction in the mid 60's. The history of glamour days of the Salton Sea will give the public pause and hopefully a new appreciation of this diverse and mysterious body of water. Find out more about the Salton Sea at the exhibit, a great outing for the entire family.

The La Quinta Museum is located at 77-885 Avenida Montezuma in the La Quinta Cove. The museums hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-4pm. For more information call 760-777-7170


Palm Deserts New DMV

By Denise Ortuno Neil

I almost didn't want to share this tidbit of information. I mean, there's already people who know..but not everyone..and if you've ever waited in line at the DMV, you'll understand my apprehension. Ok, I'll give up the goods. Palm Desert now has its own DMV location. Now, this may be be old hat to some of you..but to those who didn't know, like me, it's a revelation, or at least a new convenience.

The new spiffy DMV just opened last September off Cook and Gerald Ford, quietly tucked away behind Starbucks and Arco, and is easily overlooked.

Previously to the Palm Desert location, CV DMV seekers had to trek to Palm Springs or to the lovely Indio location off of Jackson. Both of which are uncomfortably overcrowded and in serious need of a ventilation overhaul ( the Indio DMV in the summertime...not pretty).

But the brand spanken new locale in Palm Desert is devoid of such nuisances. The energy efficient building has high ceilings, GREAT ventilation, plenty of seating, and even boats a killer view of San Jacinto.

The employees seem to be happier too, driving a stake into the heart of government worker stereotypes.

So the next time you need to renew your license, registration or need any of the other myriad of services the DMV provides, come check out the new PD location in the CV. It just might make what used to be an annoying chore into an actual tolerable one...just don't tell anyone.

The Palm Desert DMV is located at 74-740 Technology Drive off of Gerald Ford. For more information visit www.dmv.ca.gov

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