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Don't Miss Desert X!

By Denise Ortuno Neil                                                                  rsz doug aitken 4 lance gerber

The desert landscape stands still as a beautiful accomplice to the deserts most determined art exhibition to date. Desert X has become an inspirational force, blending creative modern art with the stark beauty of the desert. But the time to view these phenomenal works is coming to an end. This weekend will be the last chance to take in this visual art exhibition as it ends on Sunday, April 30th, 2017. It is something you won’t want to miss.

The blankness of the desert is a natural slate to create many kinds of art. It is used vigorously in photo shoots and paintings, as well as commercials, and movies. It is rich with its neutral tones, allowing for easy inserts of color and texture, inviting imagination with open arms.

Those elements work in favor of the Desert X project. The venture opened on February 25th, 2017, and was produced by the non-profit charitable organization Desert Biennial, whose goal is to bring art to the Coachella Valley in innovative ways. Desert X incorporates the boundless art work of some of the most up and coming artists around. Artists such as Lita Albuquerque, Will Boone, Norma Jeane, Rob Pruitt and Doug Aitken are some of the artists who participated in the Desert X project.

The 16 Desert X exhibits span from Desert Hot Springs, to Coachella. The art is strewn around in unconventional locations, adding to its avant-garde appeal. The creations work in hand with the locations in which they are mounted, almost as if they were there all along….it seems natural.

One of the most photographed and popular exhibits is the mirrored house by Doug Aitken. The house sits near the Tram road and is absolutely stunning. It reflects the desert at every turn, and can even be slightly dizzying, encouraging visitors to be aware of their footing.

The other exhibits offer similar moments of amazement, making the success of Desert X undeniable. The works were intended to promote global and local issues ranging from everything from immigration to climate change. The certain thing about viewing the art is that it will affect you in a good way, as the experience is relentless in its positive effect.

It is FREE to view the exhibits of Desert X. They do however have specific times for visiting, which can be found on their website. There are even bus tours available as well.

The Coachella Valley is truly blessed to have Desert X, that’s why it would be a shame to miss it. It is said that there will be another Desert X type exhibition in 2019, but do you really want to wait that long? My answer would be no. So get out and about this weekend and view these fantastic works of art against our gorgeous desert backdrop. You will be glad that you didn’t miss it. I know  that I am.

For more information and locations of the exhibits, visit www.desertx.org

Terra Lago Offers Challenging Golf

By Katy Treadwell                                                                                    rsz terra lago

The Golf Club at Terra Lago is a links style course nestled against the mountainside in Indio.  You can choose from 36 holes on two courses, the North and the South. I highly suggest you play them both. 


Several dramatic elevation changes from elevated tees and greens make The Golf Club at Terra Lago unique to the valley. The Golf Club at Terra Lago is fun and scenic, but you better bring your A game.  Native areas line every fairway and the sometimes knee high brush set in sand are like black holes for golf balls.  Be sure to pack an extra sleeve or two of ProV1’s.

When playing the North Course, take a minute to stop and admire the view from the 7th tee box.  You can see from one end of the valley to the other. The mountain side, desert landscape and golf course views alone, are worth the green fee.

The second hole is the signature hole on the South Course, a daunting par 4 that runs along a canal punishes even the slightest of fades.  Aside from its’ difficultly, the second hole makes use of an old railroad car to fashion a bridge across the canal. The second hole is known as the Box Car hole, but I just call it hard. 

On paper, neither course at The Golf Club at Terra Lago strikes you as being terribly long.  The tips on both the North and the South courses measure out just over 7,000 yards, but the elevation changes, wind and placement shots from the tee make 7,000 seem like 8,000.

The Golf Club at Terra Lago is challenging but enjoyable.  It’s always well kept, with manicured fairways and bunkers and quick, true greens.  My favorite side is the South Course because it’s a little more forgiving than the North, but whichever you decide you’re sure to have a good time.  A good round?  Well, that I’m not so sure of. 


For more information visit www.golfclub-terralago.com

 Posted April 27th, 2017

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