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Frankinbun Fun!

By Denise Ortuno Neil                                                                 rsz imag1896

I am pleased to announce, for those who may not already know, that there is a place in the Coachella Valley dedicated to the comforting, and foodie fun art of hot dogs and sausage’s. It is right on the cusp of downtown Palm Springs, whimsically called Frankinbun (Frank-in-Bun).

I’m not being sarcastic by any means. I believe that we in the Coachella Valley have long been deprived of hot dog and sausage slinging spots for way too long. I mean sure, you can find hotdogs on restaurants menus throughout the valley, but they are usually an afterthought, placed on the bottom of many menus along with kid meals. But the delightful tube meat deserves more than that, and at Frankinbun in Palm Springs, it is the main attraction, and takes a back seat to no menu item.

Opened in late 2015 by owner Tristan Gittens, the tiny indoor type hot dog stand has placed gourmet hot dogs and sausages on the desert food map. Manager Trevor Darmour kindly explained Gittens motivation for opening up the eatery, stating that he saw a void for the widely popular picnic food here in the valley, and decided to fill it. And fill it he did.

Frankinbun’s offerings teeter off the board of everyday tube meat creations, and that’s what makes the place so fun. As you approach the menu, you will be greeted by a selection of sausages. The weenie run down has the traditional All Beef Snap Dog, Bratwurst (veal and pork with black pepper), Keilbasa (pork smoked with black pepper), Jalapeno Hot Link (pork with jalapeno), Linguica (pork smoked with garlic), Italian (pork with Italian spices, served with grilled onions and peppers), Chicken Apple, Chicken Jalapeno and even a Vegan (black peas, mushrooms and brown rice flour). All the frankfurters come with your choice of toppings for free (yellow mustard, spicy brown, ketchup, relish, sauerkraut, onions, caramelized onions or grilled peppers) and some that require an extra .50 charge ( live sauerkraut, mango chutney, spicy ketchup and date chutney). They all come on a fresh bun, with a side of German style potato salad.

As for their own fantasy franks, they have plenty. A couple of which that were highlighted by Food Networks own Guy Fieri, on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, that aired earlier this summer. Fieri went for the Chicken & Waffle and the Vegan Chili Dog. The Chicken & Waffle is a weenie take on the southern favorite, served with two chicken apple sausages baked in Belgian waffles with a side of Maple syrup….who needs Fried Chicken? The Vegan Chili Dog is their meatless dog doused with their vegan chili and topped with live sauerkraut. I must say, I tried both of Frankinbuns chili offerings on my visit there, and it was some of the best chili that I have had. The vegan chili was full of flavor, and that sort of watered down tomato taste that sometimes accompanies vegan soups and chili was absent. It had lingering substance, with all the chili cast members fully visible. Their meat chili was fashioned in the Detroit style. I actually have never had that kind of chili, where the meat is so ground down…but oh my, it was so chili-licious! I will go back just for the chili…both of them.

I did of course have one of their doggy creations. I ventured for one of their classics, the Chicago Dog. It has always been a favorite of mine, and theirs was fantastic. It was served traditionally with pickle spears, tomatoes, peppers, celery salt, onions, mustard, and relish on a poppy seed bun. Other link options include the Frankinflight (flight of 3 sausages with grilled bread and samples of their favorite toppings), Currywurst & Fries (your choice of sausage smothered with sweet tomato curry and fries) Chili & Cheese Dog (remember what I said about the chili) and the Frankinbun’s Monster (snap dog and Italian sausage, grilled onions, peppers, relish, sauerkraut, raw onions, ketchup, all served in a bowl). And if you want a little something more, order a side of their hand cut fries, you can even chili cheese them up if you want.

Prices at Frankinbun are very reasonable, especially for the portions that they serve. They even provide wine and beer for those who want a little buzz with their Frankinbun experience.

It’s thrilling in the world of foodie fun, to have a place like Frankinbun right here in the desert. Traditional or frankin fantastic, their creations will bring familiar flavor to your palate, with whimsical comfort.

Frankinbun is located at 540 S. Indian Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, 92264

760-318-4841 online orders available www.frankinbun.com



Wind Free Golf at Indian Canyons

By Kate Treadwell                                                                                rsz indian canyons

It’s happened.  I never thought I’d see the day, but it has finally arrived.  I played a wind free round of golf in Palm Springs!  I know what you’re thinking… “Yeah, right, that’s impossible.” And until this weekend, I didn’t believe it was possible either. But then, I played the North Course at Indian Canyons Resort, and it made a believer out of me. Not only was there not a whisper of wind to be heard this weekend at Indian Canyons, but its location tucked back in the Palm Springs “Canyons,” surrounded on three sides by the San Jacinto Mountains, makes it virtually wind free everyday!


The wind free zone that Indian Canyons offers is pretty much enough to solidify its place at the top of my list of favorites. So when you add in everything else the course has to offer, in my book, it’s a run away.  Indian Canyons: Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

The course is beautiful and well kept, the views are to die for, the staff is super friendly and the grub at the South Course Restaurant is absolutely delicious! I highly recommend the weekend breakfast/brunch.  Be sure to check their website for hours.  Summer hours vary.  Even if you don’t golf… go for the food and take in the views! 

Now that your mouth is watering; back to the golf.  The North Course at Indian Canyons is the longer of the two courses [North and South] and plays at almost 7,000 yards and a par 72.  The North Course is a super neat track that runs among some really cool mid century homes; some of which were owned by Walt Disney.  In fact, one of the coolest things about Indian Canyons is the

Disney Fountain that sits in the large water hazard that runs between the 9th and 18th greens on the North Course. The Disney Fountain shoots water over 100 feet in the air.  You can’t miss it, and you wouldn’t want to. 

 The North Course starts off pretty self explanatory with a mid range par 4.  Around 380 yards, the first hole has a very wide and forgiving fairway with a couple of sand traps, one left and one right that can come into play if you’re not careful.  Your second shot is a mid iron to a slightly uphill green with a false front.  But beware, if you go just a tiny bit long, you’re a goner too.  It’s not the toughest hole on the course by any means, but lends a good challenge to start the round.  I don’t want to talk about #2.  We did not get along.  It’s a tight, dog leg left.  That’s the nicest thing I can say about it.  Good luck.  After the second, its smooth sailing until you reach the 7th hole. I love this short par 3, but it’s definitely a challenge: Indian Canyons’ version of the Island Green at Sawgrass.  And I bet that water hazard has swallowed just as many balls as Sawgrass too. 

 I could go on and on about how much I dug this course, but believe me, you don’t have that kind of time.  Trust me when I say, go play Indian Canyons.  Show up early and have some delicious breakfast/brunch… maybe even hit a ball or two; perhaps even roll a couple of putts.  The greens were in excellent shape, by the way.  You will NOT be disappointed.

For more information and to book a tee time visit www.indiancanyonsgolf.com

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