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Cheers to La Quinta Brewing Company

LQ BrewingBy Denise Ortuno Neil

Opening your very own brewery must be a dream for many home brewers. But for Scott Stokes, that dream has become a reality with the La Quinta Brewing Company. Stokes is a long time desert resident and formerly worked in Real Estate before delving into the brewing business. Stokes got the brewing bug by concocting his own brew at home, and then last year, along with Derek Lloyd, La Quinta Brewing Company's Director of Sales, decided to take the plunge into the brewing business.

The La Quinta Brewing Company is quickly coming together and plans to open in mid September of this year . The brewery will feature a tasting room where thirsty beer enthusiast can taste La Quinta Brewery's finest brews. Guests will also be able to tour the brewery's facility and be up close and personal with the beer magic. The brewery will start out with three handcrafted brews , an IPA, a Blonde and a Wheat, all of which are held high to La Quinta Brewery's standards of top ingredients, lending to the superior taste.

Besides the tasing room and tours, the brewery has plans to make their brews available in local restaurants, bars and stores. And the cool La Quinta Brewery trailer with built in taps, will bring the brew to festivals and special events throughout the Coachella Valley.

There is a clear movement towards gastro pubs and farm to table restaurants around the Coachella Valley, and making hand crafted beers is a perfect match with the foodie trend. As Lloyd said, "There is a real trend towards craft beers in general", which is great news for the La Quinta Brewing Company. Cheers!

La Quinta Brewing Co.
77-917 Wildcat Drive
Palm Desert, Ca 92211
Facebook at La Quinta Brewing Co. 


A Merry July!!

By Denise Ortuno Neil

Spending the summer in the Coachella Valley takes quite a bit of tolerance and character. The tolerance comes from withstanding the heat, and the character comes from the tolerance itself.

Creativity also plays a big part in summertime life in the desert. It seems that trying to find ways to entertain ourselves while keeping cool, is a everyday challenge.

I recall several years back being tried by this dilemma, and coming up with a solution with some friends of mine. We came up with a festive, albeit an unlikely manner of celebrating summer. I'm talking about, a Christmas in July party!

What better way to get through the sweltering heat and have a jolly good time as well! The practice of celebrating one of the most coveted holidays in the world in the summer is not a new one. It actually originated in Europe, when weary people yearning for colder weather and the coziness of the holiday decided to celebrate Christmas five months in advance. For us here in the desert, its a fantastic way to put some Ho, Ho, Ho in our Hot, Hot, Hot!

Throwing such a chin-dig is relatively easy. Just get a hold of someones (or your own) synthetic Christmas Tree, go foraging for decorations in the garage, whip up some eggnog, blast the A/C up to 65 (don't panic, it's only for one night) light the fireplace if you've got one and there you go....it's Christmas time again. You can even twist it up a bit if you'd like. No need for bulky sweaters, have a bikini clad Christmas and a sexy Santa contest...something that would not be that accepted once the real holiday comes around. The possibilities are endless, as is the fun!

Some might find that celebrating Christmas in advance takes away from the spiritual aspect of the holiday, but I disagree. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and thrusts most people into a whirlwind of peace, love and joy. Which is something that we should be doing all year round...not just in December.

The Christmas in July party that I was part of years ago was a blast! It was an absolute distraction from the summer heat, and gave us a glimpse of the our most treasured holiday to come...promoting peace, love, joy and thoughts of cooler weather.

Have a Merry July!!

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