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Zombies Invade Palm Springs!!

It's Halloween eve, and you see some people that...well, don't really look like people at all. Perhaps they are a little pailer than the locals (Canadians?)...perhaps they have had one too many at the Village Pub. Or could it be that they are...ZOMBIES!! Yes, it will that latter of the options it you are on Palm Canyon Thursday, October 30th during Village Fest. But don't get too freaked out! Most likely it's your neighbors participating in the 4th Annual Palm Srings Zombie Walk. The annual event has attracted would be zombies to downtown Palm Springs for the last four years. The event gives those with a more chase life the ability to let loose and scare the crap of tourists and locals alike..and seriously, what could be more fun!!

The event starts at 6pm at a booth off Baristo and Palm Canyon where zombie wannabes can have their makeup done. All proceeds benefit the Safe House of the Desert...a seiously formatable charity which deals with kids in need and also focuses in human trafficking. And believe it or not, is a growing concern even here in the Coachella Valley, which is the true fright well beyond the prospect of a zombie invation.

The actual walk starts at 7pm and there are some perameters which are listed on their website.

I personally was watching a program on the History Channel that hightlighted the whole zombie phenomenom....I suggest checking it out if you really don't feel like sleeping. But if you just want to be in denial about the whole thing and have some fun...go down to the Village Fest Thursday, October 30th and get your zombie on. It's for a great cause and truly mindless....but don't worry about losing your mind, because  you'll be dining on some brains anyway...you will get it back. Happy Halloween!!

For more Zombie info visit www.zombiewalkpalmsprings.com

20th Annual Palm Springs International Short Film Fest

By Denise Ortuno Neil

It's one of The Palm Springs Locals favorite events, which started 20 years ago. The festival was small back then, but was just as enjoyable as it is today. My favorite part of the fest was the Horror program. It was a bundle of twisted films that would be shown at midnight and was not at all for the faint of heart....it was frightfully fun. And although the midnight shows are a thing of the past, the PS Short Film Fest is a must for any film buff.  This years festival will showcase over 300 films from 50 counties in varied genres. Short films can last from just a couple of minutes up to 30. Film fun starts Tuesday, June 17th through June 23rd and will be screened at the Camelot Theatre in Palm Springs. The fest is a dynamic vessel for film makers to make it big....showing their works on the big screen. For tickets and movie schedule visit www.psfilmfest.org/shortfest

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