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Spotlight on RED Paranormal

By Denise Ortuno Neil

It is something that I've always been intrigued by....ghosts, the afterlife, things that go bump in the night and gives chills down my spine and goose bumps upon my skin. So when I came across RED Paranormal Supernatural Investigators, I knew that I had to find out more about them and what they do. Never did I think that I would actually be a part of their investigating team for a night, but that's exactly what happened.

I contacted the non-profit organization expressing my interest to interview them for an article for my website and was met with much euthusiam by founder David Leon. He was more than accomodating in my quest, even inviting me to be an observer on an actual investigation here in the Coachella Valley...I was thrilled! I asked Leon if I could bring along a guest ( my boyfriend Todd) and he happily accepted.

Leon, a professional web designer and paparazzi photographer, started doing paranormal investigations several years ago after hearing a story from a co-workers own encounter with the afterlife. Up until then, Leon was a self-professed skeptic, but always had a draw to what became his ghostly passion. But after hearing her story, he became a believer.

The story his co-worker told was about how her husband went out for a jog one day dressed in his red shorts and sweatshirt, never to return alive. During the funeral, their daughter took her mothers cell phone and innocently walked about the cemetary playing with the phone. After the funeral, during the wake, the mother retrieved the phone from her daughter, only to find that all of her settings had been scewed by her young daughter but also that she had taken some rather chilling photo's. David was shown the photos and it advanced his desire to dive into this ghostly realm of paranormal investigating. He chose to dedicate time to helping people who have a paranormal entity in their home that they want to face and in most cases get rid of.

After doing investigations for several years, he launched RED Paranormal Supernatural Investagators earlier this year as a non-profit organization, providing his services for free. Leon funds RED Paranormal on his own, providing all of the most cutting edge equitment available for detecting spirits. Leon along with his team, assist the public decipher what has invaded their home and lives...all for free!

The team consists of five members including Leon. There is Lori, who has strong paranormal investigation skills even being part of the Pasadena Paranormal Society, Maggie provides the team with her pychic ability, Toby, with military and police experience and Quintin, who is the youngest member of the team, bringing a fresh outlook to the team. All together, they form a strong foundation helping people understand and if so desired, get rid of their univited souls. RED Paranormal will even bring in priests to help cleanse the clients home as well as performing a Sage ceremony if needed.

We met Leon for the investigation that we were invited on at the Starbucks in Desert Hot Springs off of Palm Drive..just down the street from where the nights event was to take place. Leon had asked us to dress all in black to not conflict with filming..the three of us looked very conspicuous, we looked like we were on a mission and we were. After our intial meeting, Leon informed us that we would not just be observing the investagation that night, but that we would be actually part of the working team. Two of his members had encountered an emergency and would be unable to participate. Todd and I were both excited at the prospect...and honestly a bit scared. But wasn't that the point afterall? To be a little scared? That's right, spike that adrenaline!

Leon then showed us the picture that his co-worker shared with him years before..the one about the jogger who died and the little girl who took the photo in the cemetary. The photo was jaw dropping. It depicted his co-workers husband standing over his own grave, still wearing his red shorts and sweat shirt that he was wearing when he died. But if that was just the beginning of what made the photo so shocking. In the background of where her husband was looking down into his own grave, were a plethora of spirits, all hanging about the cemetary, as if to welcome their newest tenant to his new home and to the afterlife. After seeing that picture, I was just a big layer of goosebumps...our jaws were literally agape.

After our meeting and interview, were on our way. The weather outside had changed from balmy desert warmth, to windy and unseasonably cold....even the weather was cooperating in creepy fashion. Leon issued us with CB  radios so that we could communicate during the investigation in case if we became separated. We arrived at the investigation site which was at a nearby apartment complex. We were ushered into the apartment with our equipment in hand by the clients sister , who had had RED Paranormal investigate her own home several weeks back.

The clients, who will remain nameless to protect their identity, were a young couple with small children. Their main complaint about their ghostly invader was that it was constanly making them uneasy, an entity with possible malevolent intentions who liked to watch the couple sleep and follow them around. The unidentified energy in the house was hard to ignore...there were cold spots galore. Before the investigation, the children were escorted out by their aunt as children are not allowed to participate during an investigation for obvious reasons. Leon talked to the couple to ascertain their concerns, in order to form a plan of action to give the household peace. After he talked to the couple and before we set up the equipment, Leon, Todd and I went outside for a quick prayer to help shelter us from the entity attaching itself to us during the investigation and even coming home with us....needless to say, I was all about the prayers.

We went back inside where Leon gave Todd and I our tasks. Todd would serve as the hand held camera man for the night and I would be dictating the evenings event, and also helping with the EMF Detector (electromagnetic field detector) and even the Temperture gun. We used all kinds of equipment that night that was truly impressive. One of the most impressive was the "M2" obvilous app on his iPad which translates phonetics into digital words. That totally freaked me out...it was awesome!! The highlight of the night was when the entity clearly walked by us, creating a cold breeze...and when it dropped a razor in the shower, not to mention the words that it said.

We wrapped up the investigation with the couple feeling lighter...as the ghost was asked to leave several times, adn it seems that he or she, or perhaps both of them got the picture. We left the family, better than when we found them. Before departing and going home, we did one more prayer just for insurance...you can never be too careful when dealing with the afterlife. The experience was like no other that I or Todd for that matter, have ever experienced. It was a pure treat and I will never forget it. Thank you David Leon!!

If you have a ghostly entity that you'd like to understand or erradicate from your home, give RED Paranormal Supernatural Investigators a call...they will confront what goes bump in the night!

Check out the video on our You Tube icon, just go to channels.

For more information visit www.Redparanormal.com



Empire Polo Club Closing Day Fun

It's your last chance to enjoy the the elegant sport of Polo at the Empire Polo Club in Indio for the 2015 season. Their season started January 4th and will end Sunday, March 29th. They will be having two large games, the Lions Cup and the Champions Cup.

It is truly a fun time watching a game of Polo at the Empire Polo Club. The grounds are beautiful and the legendary sport quite impresive to watch. I mean, to be able to ride a horse and hit a ball around with a long stick...pretty cool! General admission is free, and it's $10 per car. The Empire Polo Club allows spectators to tailgate, and bring their own refreshments ( yes, that means alcohol too) chairs and blankets. Dog lovers can even bring their pooches granted that they are leashed and don't tr to run around with the horses.

The closing day for Polo comes a couple of weeks before the epic Coachella and Stage Coach music festivals come rolling into town. At which time, the Polo grounds will be unrecognizable....more filled with enthusiastic music goers of all ages rather than gorgeous stallions (the horse kind I mean).

The games start at noon until 2pm, so make sure to come early and get a spot to check out the action. You will be certain to have a galluping goodtime.

For more information visit www.empirepolo.com

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