La Casita

La_Casita_Chile_Verde_BurritoLa Casita is popular with locals and visitors alike. With a menu filled with Mexican specialties and a full bar offering sassy margaritas, La Casita has it all. One dish stands out as The Palm Springs Local recommendation, and that is their Chili Verde Burrito. Now there are many places that offer Chili Verde Burritos, but this one takes the Chili Verde prize. The pork chunks in the burrito are supple and dissolve in your mouth within a blanket of distinctive green chili sauce (roasted tomatillos’/jalapeños) encased in a warm tortilla, YUM! Add a side of well appointed rice and beans, and you have Mexican perfection on a plate.

Opened daily from 11am to close
Indoor seating, CC accepted, Full bar, $$-
34-272 Date Palm Dr. 
Cathedral City, Ca 92234

El Ranchito Taco Shop

El_RanchitoWith two Coachella Valley locations to serve you (La Quinta and Cathedral City), El Ranchito Taco Shop is great for quick quality Mexican food. Specials such as the Mexi Salad with grilled chicken are full of fresh ingredients (black beans, cheese, and tangy dressing) that make this restaurant a local favorite. They also have what could very well be the best Horchata in the Coachella Valley, cool, creamy and refreshing, its The Palm Springs Locals favorite!

Opened daily from
Indoor seating, cash only, beer, $
78-540 Hwy 111 # A13
La Quinta, Ca 92253
No website available


photo-780212Opened daily from 8am to 8pm
Indoor seating, CC accepted, beer/wine, $
362 S. Palm Canyon 
Palm Springs, Ca 92262
No website available

Off the beaten path down Sunny Dunes on the boarder of the Warm Sands residential area in Palm Springs is Tlaquepaque, a casual Mexican favorite serving up delicious and very reasonably priced food. It’s truly a local’s spot, with ample sized burritos filled with your choice of different goodness like Carne Asada, Pastor, chicken, rice and beans and more. Other menu specialties include Menudo, Tortas and an assortment of savory shrimp dishes.

Blue Coyote Grill

Blue_CoyoteThe legend of the Blue Coyote is a Pima Indian tale about how the coyote actually turned blue, and then lost his new shade shortly thereafter because of his arrogance. But if you start to see the Blue Coyote strutting around this quaint restaurant, it is probably due to having one too many of their famed Wild Coyote Margaritas. To say that these margaritas pack a punch would be a gross understatement. It is recommended by us at The Palm Springs Local, that you dip your toe cautiously into the margarita pond and start out with a “Baby” Wild Coyote margarita, and then go from there. The popular drink goes down smooth with a delicious tang of flavors and lulls you into a false sense of security as if it was intense limeade and then POW, before you know it your in la la land frolicking around with the Blue Coyote. Apart from the infamous drink, there are other delectable edibles at this Southwestern gem, like the Pollo Naranja Strips (grilled marinated chicken tenders in a orange chipotle adobo sauce), Black Bean soup( topped with a fried egg and pine nuts) and the Carnitas cooked in a Banana leaf, Awesome! Whether you indulge in a Wild Coyote margarita or not, your experience at the Blue Coyote in Palm Springs will surely make you want to howl with delight.

Opened daily from 11am to close
Indoor/Outdoor seating, CC accepted, Full bar, $$-
445 North Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, Ca 92262

El Mirasol


artgldnfork EL MIRASOL

The Coachella Valley has a vast selection of Mexican Restaurants to choose from which can be overwhelming. One establishment that rises above the rest is El Mirasol in Palm Springs, which has been providing excellent Mexican dishes to the masses for over 20 years. El Mirasol has many selections on their menu that tantalize the taste buds such as their Machaca Con Queso(shredded beef or chicken w/peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic and melted cheese), Carnitas (slow cooked pork, browned and served w/Guacamole) or the cheesiest of appetizers, QuesoFundido. But what sparks my interest the most, and what I dream about sometimes, is their PolloEn Mole Poblano. I love their Mole sauce, and when I order the chicken dish, I always get extra sauce and put it on everything in sight. Mole is a long standing traditional dish made with varying spices and cocoa. I have tried many Moles, and have concluded that El Mirasol is the best! Couple all this deliciousness with crisp yet light Chips and Salsa (try their spicy if you’reup to it), and a refreshing Margarita or shot of high end Tequila, and you get one of the Top Ten restaurants of The Palm Springs Local!

Indoor/Outdoor seating, CC accepted, Full Bar, $$
140 E. Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, Ca 92264

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