Blue Coyote Grill

Blue_CoyoteThe legend of the Blue Coyote is a Pima Indian tale about how the coyote actually turned blue, and then lost his new shade shortly thereafter because of his arrogance. But if you start to see the Blue Coyote strutting around this quaint restaurant, it is probably due to having one too many of their famed Wild Coyote Margaritas. To say that these margaritas pack a punch would be a gross understatement. It is recommended by us at The Palm Springs Local, that you dip your toe cautiously into the margarita pond and start out with a “Baby” Wild Coyote margarita, and then go from there. The popular drink goes down smooth with a delicious tang of flavors and lulls you into a false sense of security as if it was intense limeade and then POW, before you know it your in la la land frolicking around with the Blue Coyote. Apart from the infamous drink, there are other delectable edibles at this Southwestern gem, like the Pollo Naranja Strips (grilled marinated chicken tenders in a orange chipotle adobo sauce), Black Bean soup( topped with a fried egg and pine nuts) and the Carnitas cooked in a Banana leaf, Awesome! Whether you indulge in a Wild Coyote margarita or not, your experience at the Blue Coyote in Palm Springs will surely make you want to howl with delight.

Opened daily from 11am to close
Indoor/Outdoor seating, CC accepted, Full bar, $$-
445 North Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, Ca 92262

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