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The first Koffi location opened on North Palm Canyon in Palm Springs in 2002, followed by a second in on South Palm Canyon in 2008 and a third in Rancho Mirage in 2013. The Koffi encounter supersedes any other coffee house establishment in the desert. What pushes Koffi over the top comes from a multitude of reasons. The ambience has a modern element, but subtly still exudes a comfortably cozy community feel, without having to submit to having any overstuffed chairs or a brown wall in its realm.

But it is not the décor that Koffi provides that brings coffee consumers back in droves, it is without question their exceptional coffee itself. Upon entering the shop, you are immediately blanketed with the perfume of coffee…reassured that your decision to choose Koffi as your designated coffee solution was a good one. They offer up a variety of coffee concoctions to satisfy your caffeine needs. And that being said, they also cater to those who are caffeine challenged like The Palm Springs Local (caffeine and I are not friends). I have found that Koffi is the only place that I can order a decaffeinated coffee drink and not have regular coffee effects afterwards (i.e., jitters, speeded speech, hallucinations, etc). The reason behind the clean decaf is that Koffi has decaf that is processed naturally through a Swiss water process and not chemically like other coffee houses. Whish brings me to the main point of their success. Koffi roasts their coffee beans themselves in their Rancho Mirage facility. The beans that they get are from organic growers, making a world of flavor difference for Koffi consumers.

Koffi concocts their fabulous roasted coffee into a variety of fashions. From espresso, to hot or iced and blended coffee drink  specialties (their mocha Frappuccino is a smooth sensation, whipped cream topping is a must). They also have non coffee drinks such as teas and tea lattes as well as fruit smoothies, and they do offer soy options as well.

If you’re looking for something to accompany your Koffi beverage selection, their food offerings will not disappoint you. Koffi has an impressive selection of breakfast and lunch items, including breakfast sandwiches and lunch wraps (try the crowd pleasing sundried tomato chicken wrap w/pesto). And what about gourmet cookies, muffins and more? Well, they have those too, all house made and simply sublime (their wild Maine blueberry muffin and zucchini loaf are an experience alone).

Koffi has been and welcomed addition to the Coachella Valley’s coffee joint scene, a bright target on the coffee map and definite favorite of The Palm Springs Local.

Indoor/outdoor seating, cc accepted, $+

Palm Springs Koffi North-Hours 5:30am-5:30pm

515 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs 760-416-2244

Palm Springs Koffi South-Hours 5:30am-5:30pm

1700 South Camino Real, Palm Springs 760-322-7776

Rancho Mirage Koffi & Roasting Facility-Hours 6:30am-5:00pm

71-380 Hwy 111, Rancho Mirage 760-340-2444


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