Local Profile: Magician Vic Velazquez

By Denise Ortuno Neil                                                                 rsz vic 1

Do you believe in Magic? Well, after watching Magician Vic Velazquez perform, you just might. The Magican and will be preforming his Magic starting this Thursday, April 13th from 6pm to 10pm at the Village Fest in Palm Springs.

Velazquez is brand new to the Coachella Valley, just recently moving to the desert from Wisconsin, in pursuit of a career in the film industry. He traveled the distance to Southern California, deciding to anchor in our beautiful desert as he already had a family member residing here, making it a convenient spot as it is close to Hollywood.

The young new comer to the desert is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, with a B.A. degree, majoring in Radio/T.V./Film. His goal is to work on a sitcom, whether it be in front of or behind the scenes, he is open to a variety of capacities.

But long before he entered college, or moved to California, it was Magic that sparked his interest, and still does. It was at the open mined age of 8, when Velazquez first began to perform his Magic. He had learned a trick from a rented video, the “Pull the Rope from the Body” trick. After performing the trick for his sister, who was visibly impressed and a bit shaken from it, he knew he carried the ability to convincingly baffle with his sleight of hand.

Velazquez has been delighting audiences ever since his introductory performance. With over 17 years of experience behind him, he continues to find immense satisfaction in performing Magic. He explains how at first he did it just for fun, but then he realized how it was making people genuinely happy and sparking their sense of wonder, “I love showing people that what looks impossible, is possible…that anything in life is possible”, said Velazquez.

He has performed at a variety of events, from birthday parties, to private parties and corporate events. He even produced, wrote and performed in his own 4 episode Magic Show that aired locally in Wisconsin. His style of Magic lends to the art of Street Magic, where the magician stuns audience’s with up close and personal tricks. There are no flashy props, and no woman will be sawed in half in Velazquez’s show.

When asked who his inspirations are, he was quick to mention the legendary Harry Houdini, and Gregory Wilson, who is known well in the world of Magic.

You can catch Velazquez performing his Magic for free (gratuities are appreciated) at the Village Fest in downtown Palm Springs starting Thursday, April 13th from 6pm to 10pm. His exact location at the popular street fair is TBD…but like he jokingly says, “If you can’t’ find me at first, it just means that I’m performing my invisible man act….just keep looking”.