Mysterious Mountian Holiday Lights

By Denise Ortuno Neil,

There are all kinds of deep seeded mysteries in Palm Springs. Some of them urban legends, some of them actual unsolved mysteries. We have the infamous tunnels, the trolls under the bridge, the Tahquitz Witch and many more. Now we have a new one. Over the weekend some mysterious, yet holiday looking lights appeared up on Lykken Trail in Palm Springs. The lights were in different colors and seemed to have a distinctive shape. I first found out about it through a Facebook community page, Palm Springs Neighborhoods Group. The post quickly gained steam as the group came up with different scenarios of what the lights were, why they were there and who was responsible. We came up with all kinds of plots...UFO's, artists, pranksters..we threw around the ball for quite a while. What ever it was, it was fun to swim in the seas of our imaginations. 

This morning part of the mystery was revealed. As reported by Liz Kelly Nelson of, a local hiker discovered what is most likely the source of the unexplained light show. The hiker found one LED solar powered light strategically pointed at downtown Palm Springs. The light must be one of many to make the impact that it did, and the others have yet to be found. Nelson explains that the BLM is now on the alert, and there may be trouble ahead for the little light angels as they perhaps made a decorating Faux-pas by expressing themselves on Federal Land. The concerns of the BLM make sense in a way....if one person puts up lights on desert mountians, than why not everyone. It's possible that the lights will most likely come down before Christmas, not in a bah humbug, Grinch like way, but to deter more light graffiti. 

I'm just glad that those who made this happen in the first place had the gumption to do so. After all, that is not an easy hike...they should get props for the athletic effort alone not to mention the art. Whoever they are, I wish them a very Happy Holiday, and a New Year with more artistic well meaning ventures ahead. Just don't do it on Federal land.

For more information and photos check out Liz Kelly Nelsons article on

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