Palm Deserts New DMV

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By Denise Ortuno Neil

I almost didn't want to share this tidbit of information. I mean, there's already people who know..but not everyone..and if you've ever waited in line at the DMV, you'll understand my apprehension. Ok, I'll give up the goods. Palm Desert now has its own DMV location. Now, this may be be old hat to some of you..but to those who didn't know, like me, it's a revelation, or at least a new convenience.

The new spiffy DMV just opened last September off Cook and Gerald Ford, quietly tucked away behind Starbucks and Arco, and is easily overlooked.

Previously to the Palm Desert location, CV DMV seekers had to trek to Palm Springs or to the lovely Indio location off of Jackson. Both of which are uncomfortably overcrowded and in serious need of a ventilation overhaul ( the Indio DMV in the summertime...not pretty).

But the brand spanken new locale in Palm Desert is devoid of such nuisances. The energy efficient building has high ceilings, GREAT ventilation, plenty of seating, and even boats a killer view of San Jacinto.

The employees seem to be happier too, driving a stake into the heart of government worker stereotypes.

So the next time you need to renew your license, registration or need any of the other myriad of services the DMV provides, come check out the new PD location in the CV. It just might make what used to be an annoying chore into an actual tolerable one...just don't tell anyone.

The Palm Desert DMV is located at 74-740 Technology Drive off of Gerald Ford. For more information visit

Treasure Hunting at The Palm Desert Antique Mall

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By Denise Ortuno Neil

It's a soothing time for me when I get to stop by an Antique Shop. There's just something about all of the treasures hanging around that intrigue me. I wonder as I walk by the items of where they came from, who had it last, how old it is and how did it end up for sale. If only the treasures could speak...what a conversation that would be.

I've purchased many things from Antique Stores in the past that I still consider my favorite material goodies. There's a gorgeous Marcasite cross ring that I bought years ago, as well as a Poison ring that I'm sure could tell a few tales ( hopefully it never represented its nefarious moniker).

One of my favorite prize hunting spots is the Palm Desert Antique Mall off of San Pablo and Hwy 111. The mall is comprised of small alcoves and condensed floor space where different collectors have their finds for sale. There is an array of different things to choose from. Everything from classic tea cups, to costume jewlery, to the real thing. You can even find a timeless Carousal style horse for your childs room, if you were so inclined.

It's a wonderful way to spend a quiet afternoon and I look forward to stopping by the Palm Desert Antique Mall again soon, hopefully to find my next treasure.

The Palm Desert Antique Mall is located at 44-855 San Pablo #7, Palm Desert Ca, 92260


The Ghost of Erawan Gardens

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By Denise Ortuno Neil

In celebration of the Halloween season, I recently put a call out to the local community to send me their ghostly tales that they have experienced here in the Coachella Valley. So to help inspire you to send me your stories, I will share one of mine.


There is no doubt that the desert landscape is blanketed with glorious beauty, but it also possesses a depth of alluring mystery as well. Honestly, with the amount of history that has taken place here, and the millions of people who have traversed through it of the years, the possibility of there being indelible footprints left behind is certain.

"Saturday Night Laughs Comedy Show" benefits The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

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By Denise Ortuno Neil

Thousand Palms: On Saturday, August 11th 2012, I held my second comedy charity event, "Saturday Night Laughs Comedy Show" benefiting the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission. This years venue for the show was at Plan B Live Entertainment & Cocktails in Thousand Palms. The event went well as comedy goers streamed in despite the sweltering weather. Most of the comics that performed, had performed in my event last year, and graciously offered up their time and talent once again. I thank all of them for being there for this worthy cause: Ernie Avila, Justin Brusca, Adrian Delatorre, Hector Castro, Tim Buechner,Jeremy Webb, Doug Gonzalez and Gabe Gomez.

Free Movies With Marilyn

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By Denise Ortuno Neil

Ever since the gigantic Marilyn Monroe sculpture came to downtown Palm Springs in May of this year, people have been flocking to her to be photographed in her iconic presence, shadowed by her 26ft height. The stunning work of art is by Seward Johnson and is part of his ICONS REVISTED series. Mammoth Marilyn first debuted on July 15th, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois before traveling to sunny Palm Springs where she will stay until June 2013. As added bonus, P.S. Resorts, the organization that was a force behind bringing Marilyn to Palm Springs, is presenting "Forever Marilyn Outdoor Movie Series". The movies starring Marilyn of course, will be featured every Friday night through August 3rd. The movies range from last weeks "Gentleman Prefer Blonde's" to the August 3rd showing of "The Seven Year Itch", which was the movie where the famous photo of Marilyn was taken by Bernard of Hollywood, which ultimately inspired the sculpture. The movies will be shown right next to Marilyn on the corner of Tahquitz and Palm Canyon and the admission is Free! The films start at 8:30pm , so get there early to reserve your seat, and enjoy an evening with Marilyn.Marilyn_Monroe

For more information visit

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